4 Focus Areas

Through our four focus areas, we provide support for individuals to find stable housing, sustainable employment, and completed education, while growing in vibrant spirituality, renewed relationships, healthy behavior, and developed leadership.

1) Leadership Development

Open Door seeks to raise up urban leaders to impact our city with the hope of Christ.

The Internship Program cultivates leaders in urban ministry settings, allowing individuals to gain vocational experience through specific ministry internships and experience an urban environment through group discussions and hands-on activities.

Street2Life Print Shop serves the street community by providing transitional employment to street-connected people in a t-shirt screen printing business. 

Urban Immersion brings youth and adults to ODM for short term trips to serve, learn, and interact with people in our neighborhood.

2) Outreach

Open Door seeks to impact our greater community through outreach programs.

The Table reaches people through serving Saturday breakfasts and Sunday dinners.

Westside Outreach Ministries serve the westside of Denver with a food bank and neighborhood outreach events in partnership with Westside Church Internacional.

TRYAD (To Reconcile You Able-bodied And Disabled) reaches disabled individuals through needed compassion and evangelism.

The Family Room provides a hospitable space for people to rest and access our resources.


3) Housing

Open Door moves people toward self-sufficiency by helping change circumstances and life patterns.

Our Still Waters Housing program includes four homes for single women. Chayah House & Esther House serve women being restored from homelessness, addictions, and abuse. Treasure House serves single moms with young children coming from similar circumstances. Te Veo House provides short-term transitional housing for women in crisis.

Cornerstone Home provides housing and compassion for disabled men.

The LightHouse serves single men recovering from homelessness and addictions.

Magdalena House and Antioch House provide level-2 housing for women looking for a stable, sober living environment. Nehemiah House provides housing for our interns and other emerging urban leaders. Each of these three homes also provides affordable housing for our staff.

Emergency Housing provides short-term shelter to those experiencing a temporary hardship or homelessness.

4) Children & Youth

Open Door seeks to address poverty from its root causes and empower the youth in our area.

The Learning Center provides children ages 3-12 a quality education founded upon high academics and Christian character development. 

The Downtown Youth Center is a place for urban youth to belong and flourish through Bible studies, activities, and one-on-one relationships. 

The Westside Youth Center reaches youth through sports ministry, evangelism and discipleship on the Westside of Denver.