ODM Internship Program

Want to learn the ropes of ministry in the city while being immersed in urban community? Intern at ODM! 

The purpose of the Open Door internship program is to cultivate leaders in urban ministry settings. Our hope is for interns to gain practical vocational experience through their specific ministry internship, fulfill school internship requirement as needed, and experience an urban environment through group discussions and hands-on activities. We offer 11 week summer internships and 8 – 12 week internships in the fall and spring.

To apply for an internship or to learn more, email Cindy Bellin or call 303-975-0101.

Interns may choose to work in one or more of the following ministry opportunities:

Still Waters Housing - Females only. Includes dinners with residents, assisting with day-to-day activities, informal relationships with residents, role-modeling healthy behaviors/relationships, coordinating events, and prayer. All houses have residents dealing with past and/or current trauma, addictions, mental illness, and homelessness. 

Urban Immersion - Intern will lead groups visiting for short-term trips to Open Door. Intern will coordinate group activities and lead teams as they learn about urban ministry through city experiences, service projects, and interacting with our community. 

Learning Center - Intern works in our Preschool and/or Elementary Program. Kids range in age from 3 to 12. Internship includes teaching lessons, informal time with kids, going on field trips, food prep, food shopping, opportunities for evangelism and discipleship, and learning about the inner workings of an urban childcare center. 

Westside Outreach - Intern works in a multi-etchnic, multi-cultural church in one of the most low income areas in Denver serving the community around them by assisting and helping to coordinate the food bank, evangelism, mentoring, the Legal Aid Clinic, Back to School Carnival and other activities. This is a part-time internship.

Lighthouse - Males only. Intern will serve in a faith based boarding home for men in need of various forms of assistance. Intern would help with mentoring, chores, donations, Bible study, and community activities.

Family Room - Intern will be on the front lines of ODM, interacting with our homeless and transient community, assisting with receptionist responsibilities, and resource gathering for ODM's community outreach.

Street2Life - Intern will help manage operations of the print shop: ensuring client orders are fulfilled, performing quality control, utilizing manual print press, doing life-on-life discipleship with our employees who are coming out of homelessness, addiction, and incarceration. Previous screen printing experience not required; intern may assist with graphic design if qualified. 

Non-Profit Management - Intern works in the ODM office alongside the Executive Team (administration, grant writing and fundraising). Duties include administrative tasks, grant writing, volunteer management, ministry and project oversight, event planning, statistics, and more. 

Youth - Intern works with our urban youth program (6th - 12th grade). Internship includes informal time with kids, going on day trips, one-on-one discipleship, food shopping and prep, overnight camps, relationship building, leading various youth activities and outreaches, and learning about an established youth ministry. 

Church Planting -  Serve with a new multi-ethnic, multi-lingual church in a low income, predominantly Hispanic community of urban Denver. Possibilities include outreach, small groups, worship, youth, millennials, preaching, church administration, community development, and more. Intern could be full or part time. 

Worship - Intern works with Open Door Fellowship or Westside Church Internacional in leading the worship services, building the volunteer team, and understanding the workings of an inner-city church. *This is a part-time internship and can be in combination with another ministry. 

For more information, email Cindy Bellin or call 303-975-0101.


Quotes from Previous Summer Interns:

“ODM will challenge you. In all the best ways. This summer I have experienced grief, but that has been intertwined with an abundance of joy. I learned the immense amount of grace that Christ extends. This is transformational. I would tell anyone to volunteer/intern/work here.” - K.

“This internship allowed me to apply and further my knowledge about homelessness, trauma, and addiction. Anyone looking to learn and be challenged in their faith and life would be welcome here.” - C.

“My internship at Open Door was different than every other internship I applied for. When I first started looking for an internship, I was looking for one that would build my resume. At Open Door I not only found one that would be welcome on my resume, but more importantly, it spoke to my soul.” - L.

“ODM is a place I was able to quickly call home. It's placement in downtown Denver makes it a place of concentrated brokenness but also allowed me to learn from God's children living on the outskirts. God is at work here.” - T.