Men's Housing

ODM provides housing for men through Lighthouse and Cornerstone Home.



LightHouse is a boarding home that provides a safe, caring, and sober environment for men struggling with addictions and other issues. Our primary focus is to provide a community that fosters spiritual, emotional, educational, and vocational growth.

LightHouse offers activities such as community meals, Bible studies, church services, prayer meetings, and support. Residents pay rent and agree to maintain a safe, drug free, and sober living environment when they sign the lease. 

LightHouse might be a good fit for you if…

  • You are seeking a sober living environment

  • You are willing to find employment and pay rent

  • You are willing to be an active member of our community

To enquire about openings or more information, please email Alan Jordan at [email protected].


Cornerstone Home

Cornerstone is a long-term home for disabled men. Residents are taught to live life as a team, learning to help one another in day-to-day life. This allows them to contribute to the needs of others and subsequently, it affirms their dignity and lets them discover their importance.

Cornerstone Home is closely tied to Open Door Fellowship and provides a way for the church to care for its disabled members. Residents can live in the house indefinitely as long as they abide by house requirements.

Cornerstone might be a good fit for you if…

  • You are a disabled person seeking to grow in understanding about how to let God use your limitations for His glory and honor

  • You are able to maintain employment or volunteer regularly

  • You are able to pay rent

  • You want to engage in Christian community and the local church

Contact Paul Sheppard to learn more about Cornerstone Home: [email protected].